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Collapsible Podiums and Portable Stages

Citations used in Untitled (texts), 2017, ink on terraskin paper, phrases from the artist’s books.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, We Should All Be Feminists, Anchor Books, 2015:
To feel it.

Carol Anderson, White Rage; The Unspoken Truth of Our Divided Race, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2016:
Disproved but remain, Rage has, Cannot sleep forever, His dissent could.

Maurice Berger, White Lies; Race and the Myths of Whiteness, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2000:
The hard news, In without knocking, Imprecise at best, And fear, An early death, Start moving in, Differently and daily, Eye me, Made one sound (quoted from Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1970), A secret sigh, For a dollar, We absorb, Into which other, To the surface, From their mouths.

Jeff Chang, We Gon’ Be Alright; Notes on Race and Resegregation, Picador, 2016:
More than double, Melting into air, Merchants of division.

Chris Schilling, The Body; a Very Short Introduction, Oxford University Press, 2016:
Able to gather, Inseparable, Had to omit, Which in turn, From birth.

Sun Yung Shin (editor), A Good Time For the Truth; Race in Minnesota, Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2016: In your hand, Bone deep.

Shannon Sullivan, Revealing Whiteness; The Unconscious Habits of Racial Priviege, Indiana University Press, Bloomington, 2006: Impact unconscious, Difficult to hear.

Nato Thompson, Seeing Power; Art and Activism in the Twenty-first Century, Melville House, 2014:
Increasingly hungry, Too convenient, Toe the line, Deployed at once, Outside the realm, Everything vulnerable.

Micah White, The End of Protest; A New Playbook for Revolution, Alfred A. Knopf, 2016:
Wild wish, Easy control, And rethink, While shouting, By our energy.